First-Time Performance


How We Do It

Trained People

  • Our production staff is quality trained, including 5S, Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions, as well as Lean Processes, and are accountable to validate that quality standards have been met before they begin their activity.
  • Our machinists verify their instruments at the start of every shift to ensure the highest degree of measurement accuracy.

newRoll-Kraft Conducts In-House Roll Form Seminar for ClarkDietrich

Quality Processes

  • Roll-Kraft's Quality System has been certified annually by Smithers Quality Assessments since 1997.
  • Instructions (routers) for each process step are designed and released from Engineering.
  • Our Engineering department conducts a review to assure the final product will meet customer specs before an order is released to production.
  • Before a product is packaged and shipped, a final quality check is completed.

newLean Processes Ensure On-Time Deliveries of Roll-Kraft's Tube and Pipe and Roll Forming Tooling

Latest Technology

  • For over 10 years, Roll-Kraft has been the only tooling manufacturer in United States to use FEA software.

newRoll-Kraft Adds New Machine to Headquarters Factory











Roll-Kraft Hosts Latest Live Tube and Pipe Training Seminar

Roll-Kraft’s latest tube and pipe mill training seminar was held on October 24, 2023 at the Waverly, Nebraska Venue location.

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Live Tube and Pipe Seminar - October 24th

Mill operators, maintenance supervisors, engineers, tool room personnel and management will all benefit from the program by learning new skills & produce a better quality product in less time.

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Roll-Kraft announces the Semi-retirement of Robert A. Sladky, Vice President of Tube Mill Engineering 

Robert's extensive expertise in the tubing industry spans over five decades, including 33 years of service at Roll-Kraft.

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