Our First Call for Future Roll Forming Needs

Reaching out to let you know we were extremely satisfied with Frank’s visit to our facility; American Pan, Urbana, Ohio.

Firstly, Frank’s responsiveness to our needs. Even though I’m sure he’s very busy, he fit us into his schedule. And we needed it. Frank’s technical abilities with our roll former was apparent and his training style worked well with our staff and culture.

I could go on, but – we are up and running product in spec and appreciate Roll Kraft’s assistance. We will be reviewing Frank’s notes; asked him to quote us new tooling and on-site training cost at your facility as COVID allows. Will be our first call for future roll forming needs.


Shaun Branson
Production Manager
American Pan

Highly Recommend Roll Kraft to Resolve any Roll Forming Issues

We were not able to run a new product type due to the complexity of the product shape and small diameter. This product is one of four products that run on the production line. After several failed attempts, we reached out to Roll Kraft for some technical support and they sent Yervand to assist. He spent several days working with my team analyzing the machine, changing out worn equipment and developing improved methods for a job setup. We successfully ran the new product, completed all the production orders and have since changed over to other products.   Yervand was methodical in his approach to resolving the issues and worked well with the technical staff on-site. We were very pleased with the results and feel confident that we have a repeatable process that can be reproduced for future production runs. 

I would highly recommend Roll Kraft for technical support to resolve any roll-forming issues.

Best Regards, 

Ron DiSandro
Plant Manager
Kenney Manufacturing Company

A Growing Business Partnership with Roll-Kraft


Thank you for getting us the needed set of roll tooling so quickly and all the help provided. The tooling has been installed and after the initial alignment, our operator tells us he has not had to adjust on mill and it has been running great. As you know, I am still new to all of this but I really appreciate all of your time, trouble and understanding. Plan on future orders and a growing business partnership.


Mike Lee
Tarter Tube
Maintenance Supervisor            

100% Recommend Roll-Kraft Service

Yervand showed up early, on time, and ready to work diligently with our team on the issue. The troubleshooting was spot-on, and we were able to reach a solution with fine-tuning and calibrating the equipment. We were even given a kit and set of feeler-gauges to work with should something occur in the future. I 100% recommend Roll-Kraft service to anyone in the nearby area.

Thomas Cahill
Daikin North America

Wish We Found Roll-Kraft Years Ago

Both the 3.5 arbors and 3.5 back-rolls arrived. They look great and are on spec in all dimensions.

Tom McManus
Maintenance and EHS Manager
Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products

Roll-Kraft Meets Challenging Timelines

Good morning Chuck,

I just wanted to send a quick email to say ‘thanks’ for the ongoing support we have received from Roll-Kraft. We recently purchased 3 sets of tooling from Roll-Kraft in Canada for a key piece of new business. Some of this tooling had very specific requirements, and we are very pleased with the results. Ovidiu and his team have done an excellent job in meeting some challenging timelines, and managed to pull things together for us.

In a time where most customers complain, I felt it would be nice to hear that we do recognize and appreciate the many good things that you do for us. 

Kind regards,

Tom Stearns
Corporate Vice President
Nova Steel Inc.

Roll-Kraft’s Unbelievable Service Supports Pandemic Response Efforts


Unbelievable service! As you know, Welded Tubes, Inc., has been awarded a significant amount of business for the manufacture of hospital beds to support the needs caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

At the beginning of manufacturing, we decided we needed another tooling pass to aid in production. In less than 8 hrs., we received the necessary tooling to keep up our production and, more importantly, service this tremendous need.

On behalf of the team at Welded Tubes, we wanted to express our thanks for your service and support!

Joe Frandanisa
Welded Tubes, Inc.

Roll-Kraft Offers OUTSTANDING Customer Service


Thank You again for the OUTSTANDING customer service!!!

I truly appreciate your help, every time I need help with something you have come through for me!

I am turning a purchase requisition in for the rollers today.

Thanks again,


Chicago Roll was Fast and Professional

I wanted to thank you and your staff for your guidance and expertise with our roll forming issues.

Your responsiveness to our needs was fast and professional. Everyone on your team, from your engineer to your set up trouble shooter gave us their full attention to get us up and running.

We also appreciate your talented staff continuing to assist us in improving tooling design changes and working with our staff to educate us about our new endeavor.

We appreciate you being available when we need you!

Kindest regards,

Marco Prete
General Manager
Midway Displays, Inc.

Website is a Great Resource

I'm working through Roll Kraft's "Roll Form Design" section of your website and it's helping to clarify some of the things I wanted to ask you. It's a great resource.

David Taylor

Shawn Mitchell: Tireless Work Ethic and Exemplary Work

Chuck, as you know, before I retired as Tenneco’s Senior Tube Mill Engineer in January of 2019, we had been working together for over 35 years. For all of those years, Roll-Kraft has supplied Tenneco with good quality sets of rolls to run both cold-rolled steel and stainless steel.  During that 35-year period, I worked with many people in your sales department. With that said, I would like to point out one individual who stands out and has done exemplary work for me, representing Roll-Kraft. This individual is Shawn Mitchell. 

Over the years, Shawn has worked tirelessly, during work hours and after work hours, to give me timely feedback on my rolls. Even when Shawn was out of the office and traveling, he still researched and resolved my issues with accurate and timely feedback.

I feel that Shawn’s best work ethic is his word. When Shawn tells you that it will take a specific number of weeks to receive a set of regrind rolls back, or a new set of rolls made, you can count on his word to get the job done for you in that time frame. When I personally think of Shawn, I see a man who is dedicated to his job, works hard, has a great work ethic, and most of all, a great personality and sense of humor when working with customers.


Joe Heppner
Tube Mill Consulting, LLC

You Could Not Have Sent a Better Tech

Matt was fantastic when he was at our facility last week. You could not have sent a better tech to help us get up and running. He has the roll former running great.

He worked as hard and fast as he could to finish the job by close of business on Friday for us. And, he also took the time to explain everything to us. I learned quite a bit from him!

Thank you,

Rob Allen
Mechanical Engineer
Continental Industries

25 Years of Going Above and Beyond

I have worked with Chicago Roll for over twenty-five years, improving tooling designs for our various mills and handling roll regrinds. The service has always been outstanding, and they are a great source to reach out to for problem-solving. I highly recommend them for your tooling needs, big or small. The turnaround time is exceptional if your rolling schedule is tight. They have a history of going above and beyond to ensure they keep their customers’ mills running when issues arise.

Scott Tichler
General Supervisor
TMK Ipsco

Quick Responses and Cost-Saving Solutions

Roll-Kraft was easy to deal with and responded quickly to all of my questions and concerns. Matt even taught me a few things about rolls and how to adjust for bow and taper. Roll-Kraft helped me find a cost-effective solution for forming channel-shaped parts. This will save us a lot of money in the long run. 

Thanks, Roll-Kraft.

Luke Smith
Tooling Engineer
ALP Advantage

Thank You for Continued Support and Service

I just wanted to say thank you for Chicago Roll Company’s continued support and service of T&B Tube. We’re always thankful for the quality and speed of the services you provide. Your ability to support us by responding to our questions immediately and helping us address problems effectively is impressive. Please pass this along to your team, looking forward to continuing our successful partnership.

Jacob L. Schwartz
Operations Supervisor                            
T&B Tube Company

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