Replacement Rolls Completed when Needed

We received the replacement roll that Roll-Kraft provided and I am pleased with the quality. I appreciate the quick turn around and look forward to working with you in the future. In addition to replacing damaged rolls, you will be given the opportunity to quote any new roll sets that we might need.

Thank you and have a good day,

Stan Bates
Tooling Engineer
Steelcase Inc.
f. 256.771.5455
- - - - -

The Best Quality and Service
I wanted to let you know that these parts have been received, installed and are working perfectly. Thank you for the expeditious response and execution!

Jay Osman
MWI Components
- - - - -  

Quality Product
Dear Mrs. Betts, Dear Mr. Cahill

I would like to inform you that we used your rolls and all was ok.
We really thank you for your support (quality of your rolls and delivery date).

Best regards

Ccile Pichon | Purchaser
ArcelorMittal Hautmont
Tubular Products
- - - - -

Outstanding Service
John, it is 11:00 am Thursday 4-23-2009 and the carbide rolls have just arrived. Thank you and all involved for this quick turnaround. Also thanks to Alan for finding a suitable solution to the cracked roll.

James Gunter, CPE
Plant Engineering Manager
Ridg-U-Rak, Inc.
- - - - -

Outstanding Engineering Support
Shawn - The revisions that the Roll Kraft team made to our existing tooling worked out great. The goal was to reduce the end flare on our open tube, and all of our expectations were met. Our customers are extremely pleased and so are we. Thanks for your efforts .

Bruce Nystrom, pres
MWI Components
- - - - -

Awesome Product and Service
Hi Jim,

I want to thank you and everyone at Roll Kraft for the wonderful service we received during the purchase and design of our 3.5 inch roll set. You were more than helpful in explaining our options before we made our decision to go with your company. I was even more impressed when your engineers took the time to communicate with us on a regular basis during the design stages. They insured that the rolls would work correctly from the start. We ran our first tests last week and the finished product looks great.

Giancarlo Talarico
Vice President
- - - - -

Great Service - Flawlessly Executed
We had a rush Job that needed to get done in a hurry to make an extremely important shipment. The needed tooling had to be built and then same day shipped about 1500 miles from Roll-Kraft’s facility to ours. Not only was it done on time, but it arrived about an hour and a half earlier than expected.
The entire process was flawlessly executed and helped us get out of our bind.

Josh Clark
Lifetime Metals
- - - - -

Production was Down to a Minimum
You and your guy did an outstanding job. Thanks. Production was down to a minimum which was what we wanted from the beginning. From Hayes' perspective, the job went very smooth. We appreciate Roll-Kraft sending the personnel down here to do the maintenance on the mill personally.

Jason Hayes
Production Manager
Hayes Manufacturing Company
(P) 318.487.0100
- - - - -

Plymouth Tube Company - Training
The in-house seminar and on-line training visits we have received through this year have proved to be invaluable. Thanks to your direction, things are better and continuing to improve.

Thank you, again, for all you have helped us achieve.

Tim Parmerlee
Weld Mill VSL
Plymouth Tube Company
Eupora, MS.
- - - - -

Split Roll Cost Justification
We were actually sending out our roll regrinds as a rule of thumb at 3,000,000 ft. With the new split & bolted design from Roll-Kraft we have increased our footage perimeters to 10,000,000 ft. We are very pleased with this design and the improvement with our regrind costs.

Robert Gay
Maintenance Supervisor
Tectron Tube
- - - - -

Carbide Rolls are Non-Magnetic
I have been using non-magnetic carbide rolls from Roll-Kraft in the operation at Middletown Tube Works for the past ten years. We like using this product for our weld rolls because of its non magnetic properties and durability. The non-magnetic carbide rolls from Roll Kraft don't heat up as much as regular tool steel and this helps us to limit our use of weld roll cooling. We also use this product in the sizing section to stop weld seam grooving and in other wear areas. Non-magnetic carbide rolls from Roll Kraft help to ensure that we continue to produce high quality tubing.

Duane Sulski
Corporate Engineer
Middletown Tube Works
- - - - -

Welded Tube Orwell on Carbide
At Welded Tubes, carbide inserted mill rolls were the only rational and logical choice for our high volume runners. Carbide has reduced our need for frequent and costly regrinds and gives us the opportunity to keep the tooling in house where it is needed. We are seeing about ten times more than our normal expected tool life before needing any regrind attention. The surface quality is immensely improved by the reduced friction given from carbide as opposed to the standard D-2 roll. The reduced friction helps to eliminate roll marks for our plating critical customers. Carbide inserted mill tooling has helped us in many ways to ensure our customers are happy with the quality of product we have supplied them and keeping the customers happy is what keeps our shop doors open.

Kevin Barker
Plant Manager
Welded Tubes, Inc.
- - - - -

Tungsten Carbide Cost Justification
We went from two regrinds a year on a set of D2 tooling to no reworks for six years running the carbide tooling, and we reduced marking on the tube. We typically run (4) four million feet of this product per year so the savings and benefits have paid for the carbide many times over.

Kelvin Egner
Tube Mill Production Manager
Shelby Welded Tube
- - - - -

Cost Justification for Tungsten Carbide Rolls vs. Split & Bolted
From the first day that I started working at Ameristar Fence, I knew I had to keep track of wear and tear of our tooling in our facility as I had done in the past at Wheatland Tube, after a period of time I set our tolerances at 2,000 tons of maximum production on 1.315 and 1.660 O.D. tooling, and at 3,000 tons on larger tooling sets 1.900 to 2.875, which happened to be pretty much the same as my past experience at Wheatland Tube…after a period of time the topic of carbide tooling was brought up during a meeting in which I stated that in my past experience with my former employer it had given us great results with longer production time and less reworks, saving rework and shipping costs; after our meeting I assured my boss that it would serve us greatly with production and cost saving measures, so I was given the green light to “try” a set of carbide tooling…after this “trial” I am very happy to share our results with the tubing industry…after acquisition of a 1.660 tooling set in August 2006, which still has not been reworked as of May of 2008, the output of this particular tooling set has reached 9,256 tons (an increase of more than 300% in production) with no sizing problems as of yet and very minimal or no roll marks during production as well, while at the same time keeping galv build up to a minimum or none whatsoever in some cases, therefore making it safer for our operators by keeping their hands out of harms way by removing build up during production (on tooling)...after the success of our trial with 1.660 tooling I was given the green light to order a 2.017 sq. tooling set, maximum production on D-2 steel was set at 500 to 600 tons, after we started production with our carbide tooling, our first rework took part after 3147 tons on that particular tooling set, which if you do the math, well, the results pretty much speak for themselves; as impressive as these results were, the biggest savings we made were with our acquisition of our .590 Sq. carbide tooling set, we had been producing tube with split and bolted D-2 steel tooling which had to be reworked after 3.5 to 4 million feet, after production with carbide inserted tooling took place, our first rework of our carbide tooling took place after 53,000,000 feet, this alone saved us 13 reworks which would have been done with D-2 steel tooling, so, after seeing the results we get out of D-2 steel vs. Carbide inserted tooling, the decision was simple to slowly move over to carbide as tooling sets’ lifespan wears out, our inventory now includes 6 sets of carbide inserted tooling with 2 more due in house within 3 months, as good a result as D-2 steel has given us, carbide inserted tooling by far has the best results bar none.

Jorge Palma
Tool Room Tech.
Ameristar Fence Products.
- - - - -

Great Seminar and Key Performance Manual
Many times I have been to seminars presented by engaging well-informed speakers who had an answer for every situation. I would leave feeling I had all the answers and all my frustration and anxiety over the process or equipment had been relieved. Once back on the plant floor and in the real world I would soon learn that everything did not line up with the speakers perfect world and I felt I had wasted valuable time with little to show for it.

After a week of applying what I learned I have to say this was not the case with the Roll Kraft seminar. The speakers were engaging and more than well informed. The minute I walked back onto the plant floor I had my very detailed and easy to use seminar manual open and applying what I had learned.

Every question I had was answered thoroughly and I found in most cases my concerns were similar to the other attendees and there was a methodical and documented procedure to handle the situation. Roll Kraft took a machine that at times could be overwhelming and complex and hour by hour broke it down into a process that just made sense.

Both Robert and Bret are at the top of their game. The difference for me was that they not only knew forming mill process but they new in detail every brand of mill that was represented and compared the similarities and the differences. Rather than explain how a mill will work when tooling, coil and pm are all they helped me to understand when (which is most of the time) all these do not line up how to make a quality product. In the long term they presented a pm procedure that will insure the mill is operating, as it should. I feel I have gained a lifetime of experience in one 8-hour class. Because everything I learned follows the seminar manual presented I never have to worry about forgetting some key information that was passed along it is documented.

Kevin L. Goad
Handle Operations Manager
The Libman Company
- - - - -

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