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Thank You For the Up Front Research

“Thank you Chaz and Roll Kraft for all the research up front to get a great part with our trial run.  Production tomorrow!”

Robert Eggen
Senior Toolmaker
Phillips Manufacturing

Our Roll Forming Machine is Running Twice as Fast

Hello Matt,

I have read the service report and it correctly sums up the events of the service call. We didn’t realize how far-off the parameters of our process has become and how out of spec some of the tooling is. I appreciate all the effort you made to get us back to where we should be. The roll form machine is running twice as fast today and we are pumping out parts. Your expertise has pointed us into the right direction and you were more than accommodating. Thank you greatly.

Best regards,

Michael Vacanti
Rhino Trunk and Case

A Very Consistent Section and Runs Even Faster Than Before


These tools are working great!!

Thank you for the proper attention to detail on this difficult part.

We have not has to adjust the straightener since we started running yesterday. It’s a very consistent section and runs even faster than we did before.

This will be a great relationship going forward.

Thank you again and happy Easter’

Kevin Poulsen
Premier Products of Racine, Inc.
Vice President of Operations

Roll-Kraft Comes Through Again!

Thanks for quickly engineering and manufacturing the .562 OD EF1T&B rolls for our run today. The rolls have been on the mill since noon and are still running now!!

Greatly appreciate coming through for us….again! Please pass on this word of THANKS to anyone that I may have missed.

Steve Zienka
Special Projects Manager
Welded Tubes, Inc.

Roll-Kraft is a Competitive Edge

As our current single source supplier of tooling and regrinds with all of our LJT plants, we appreciate you and your team for what you provide LJT on tooling and support.  Please relay to your employees that we thoroughly appreciate their sacrifices in order for us to be successful in manufacturing tubing for our customers.  With the partnership that Roll-Kraft and LJT has we have a competitive edge over our competition.  Keep up the good work, and thanks again for your helping with this request.  Enjoy your weekend! 

Stephen Herndon
Plant Manager – Lock Joint Tube TN

Appreciation for Excellent Service

I just wanted to drop you a note to express my appreciation for the excellent service that we experienced from your organization recently.

We have received all of our new tooling now….thank you. But I thought it worth mentioning that the individual efforts of people like Frank Lowery and Diane Moyers made the entire process so much easier for us. In fact, I know that we would have had the tooling a lot sooner if it were not for us holding things up.

Both Frank and Diane responded to everything we needed with quick professional courtesy.

Well done! Thanks again.

Mike Carroll
Business Development Manager
Trowel Trades Accessories Ltd.

Very Professional!

Hi Dave,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help over the past few weeks. Getting the roll mill process set up and making good parts to our requirements. I just want to say Roll-Kraft was very professional, coming on board with existing problems on the roll mill, part way through the project. I would like to compliment Dave Rostocil and Roll-Kraft's team for the knowledge they have with the roll mill process and helping to solve the problems. The quick response, getting the tooling made overnight and the quick response for on-site service was excellent. It was a pleasure to work with the Roll-Kraft team and we couldn’t have done it without your expert help. Modineer looks forward to working with Roll-Kraft again.

Dave, thanks again for for all your help.

Pravin M Mistry
Modineer Company

Customer in Paris Very Satisfied with Service

We just left the plant at 7:30pm, Matt was  great in helping us get up and running today. Very professional . He passed along needed setup information to the maintenance staff.

Charlie Abens
Lyon Workspace Products

Valuable and Well Done!


I want to thank you and Ivan for the day spent at Major Metals Company. Your review of our equipment and processes was helpful and beneficial for the quality of our products!

Your teaching of the tooling methodology and processes was valuable and well done!

Thank you,

Joe Yeager

Major Metals Company

Excellent Work by Robert and Your Team!

Sanjay and Chuck,

I’d like to give you some feedback on our 2 days last week with Robert.  We spent the first day conducting the training session, and the 2nd day out on the floor of our South Bend plants.

My position is Exec VP of Operations for our group of companies.  For Lock Joint Tube, I’ve been tasked with building a robust training program.  Roberts class was excellent.  For me, it was a great overview of proper methods, with backup explanation of the whole process.  For many of our newer operators, it was their first formal training.  Robert and I met one of these guys the following day on the plant floor… he was very excited and appreciative about the class.  For the handful of experienced operators, the class triggered some valuable discussions.

Having read Roberts follow-up report this morning, we have a host of issues to address, that will certainly provide considerable improvement to our process.  We now have a baseline to build out our ongoing training.  In the past, Robert has made recommendations that weren’t necessarily acted upon… I’m going to work to implement his ideas.

Thanks for the excellent work by Robert and your team!

Billy Lerman
EVP Operations
Lerman Industries

Very Impressed with Tube Mill Seminar

Robert and Shawn,

I wanted to follow up with you guys on our tube seminar here at Ryerson, Inc. All of the feedback this time about the seminar was very impressive and provided great information on the operation as well as helping a lot of our new folks understand the pros/cons of a mill. At this point, all attendees have spoken as if they were “VERY” impressed with the seminar.

You did a “GREAT” job as usual on this!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to working with you to become more partners in our mill needs on tooling. Hope to hear from you soon!!

Ronald Pruitt
Operation Manager

Fantastic Job: Tooling Performed Extremely Well


I would imagine that you may know already, but the test out on the tooling went extremely well. There was just one very minor issue that needs to be dealt with, but it was nearly perfect. As usual your team did a fantastic job on this seemingly complicated package (at least complicated to me), and it performed exactly as we had hoped.

Myself and my team that was working on this project really enjoyed meeting and working with Frank Lowery, and I know that I learned quite a bit from him while he was here and he made it very easy to understand. We really appreciate the time that he took to talk to many of my key personnel about some of the finer points of proper setups. The quality of your company’s product, service and the great people that are on your team are just some of the reasons that the tooling in this facility is and will continue to be predominantly Roll-Kraft. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together; Roll-Kraft is welcome here any time.

Thanks again for everything.

Todd McCrite
Operations Manager (Pittsburg)

Roll-Kraft Comes Through Again


I just want to personally “Thank you” for Roll-Kraft getting this done. My head was spinning on this one and I was getting heat, also, from above.

Way to come through again, as always.


GL Precision Tube, Inc.

No Other Company I’d Rather Work with for Our Tooling Needs

I appreciate all that you and your team have done for us. Everyone at Roll-Kraft is a pleasure to work with and has gone out of their way on many occasions to take care of us, from answering many of my weird questions regarding tooling, to getting parts made when we are in a pinch. I can’t think of any other company that I would rather work with when it comes to our tooling needs than Roll-Kraft.

Roll-Kraft Customer

Quality Product First Time, Every Time

To remain both profitable and competitive in our industry, our only option is deliver a quality product the first time, every time. This would not be possible without the knowledge and support from Bret and his team at Roll-Kraft. Thank you!

Josh Dobbins
Plant Superintendent
Welded Tubes Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

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