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Fantastic Job: Tooling Performed Extremely Well


I would imagine that you may know already, but the test out on the tooling went extremely well. There was just one very minor issue that needs to be dealt with, but it was nearly perfect. As usual your team did a fantastic job on this seemingly complicated package (at least complicated to me), and it performed exactly as we had hoped.

Myself and my team that was working on this project really enjoyed meeting and working with Frank Lowery, and I know that I learned quite a bit from him while he was here and he made it very easy to understand. We really appreciate the time that he took to talk to many of my key personnel about some of the finer points of proper setups. The quality of your company’s product, service and the great people that are on your team are just some of the reasons that the tooling in this facility is and will continue to be predominantly Roll-Kraft. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together; Roll-Kraft is welcome here any time.

Thanks again for everything.

Todd McCrite
Operations Manager (Pittsburg)

Roll-Kraft Comes Through Again


I just want to personally "Thank you" for Roll-Kraft getting this done. My head was spinning on this one and I was getting heat, also, from above.

Way to come through again, as always.


GL Precision Tube, Inc.

No Other Company I’d Rather Work with for Our Tooling Needs

I appreciate all that you and your team have done for us. Everyone at Roll-Kraft is a pleasure to work with and has gone out of their way on many occasions to take care of us, from answering many of my weird questions regarding tooling, to getting parts made when we are in a pinch. I can’t think of any other company that I would rather work with when it comes to our tooling needs than Roll-Kraft.

Roll-Kraft Customer

Quality Product First Time, Every Time

To remain both profitable and competitive in our industry, our only option is deliver a quality product the first time, every time. This would not be possible without the knowledge and support from Bret and his team at Roll-Kraft. Thank you!

Josh Dobbins
Plant Superintendent
Welded Tubes Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

Roll-Kraft Training Benefits Wide Experience Level

We would like to extend a thank you to yourself, Dave, and Roll-Kraft for the professional manner in which you conduct this in depth training.

There was a wide experience level among our participants, and I believe that all of them benefited from the level of training provided, even the 20+ year rollform veterans.

Your knowledge of the material, and willingness to candidly explain in detail was much appreciated!

Mike Collins
Operations Director

Roll-Kraft Great to Work with on First Time Roll Form Tooling Purchase

This was my first experience purchasing roll form tooling and it was a pleasure doing business with Roll-Kraft. From the development process all the way through run-off and delivery, everyone was great to work with. Please convey my appreciation to everyone I worked with on this project.
Todd Jenkins
Kinedyne, Corp.

- - - - -

Roll-Kraft Helps Us Avert Line Shutdown
Hi Ovidiu,
Once again, you have proved how much of a valued business associate Roll-Kraft is to our operations.
We received the EW1852-30 reconditioned roll this morning, averting what could have been a potential line shutdown situation.
Thanks to you and your team for such reliable support, much appreciated.
Steve Harry,
Cored Wire Manager
- - - - -

Quick Response and Great Product
To All,
I would like to thank Roll-Kraft for your quick response in getting NTI the 3-sets of Roll Dies that I just received. I was able to install them yesterday and they as always worked great.
John Mergel
Newman Technology, Inc.
- - - - -

Tooling looking good and looking forward to next project
FYI, we installed the Lower Ridge Form Roll tooling this past Friday and I just wanted you to know that everything is looking good with the tooling.
The ridges are sharp, well defined and we want to thank you for doing such a good job with this project.
Now, we would like to move forward with the next part and really start to move on getting the tooling defined and some quotes so I can get the approvals for the Roll Forming portion.
Thanks for everything you have done so far and I am looking forward to working with you on this project.
Rob Wenrich
Manufacturing Engineer
- - - - -

Fantastic Mill Alignment Performed Despite Mill Condition & Time Constraints
I apologize for not having sent an email before regarding the outcome of the Abbey Mill Alignment.
First of all I would like to recognize and commend Tim's job. As always, he has done a fantastic job and worked around the clock with Rick and his guys to get the alignment done in time.
This time we had a pretty rough alignment. We had to fight with some issues we were having with our stands and bearing blocks.
But after all that hard work, the mill started pretty good.
Once again I have to say that we are very pleased with the service provided and we look forward to keep working together on our future mill alignments.
Jorge M. Bunge
Mill Manager
- - - - -

Tube and Pipe Training Covers Both Classroom Concepts and Specific Mill Issues
The in-house training was excellent because it covered concepts in the class room as well as issues with our specific tube mill.  Roll-Kraft did an amazing job of creating an atmosphere of learning for our team members with various levels of expertise.  
We had people ranging from one week to 20+ years of experience, and they all came away with a better understanding of the key concepts in tube production.  
I appreciated the willingness of Roll Kraft to share presentation materials and their final report so that we have written records of what we covered to review at any time in the future.
Tenneco Litchfield
- - - - -

Roll-Kraft In-Plant Tube and Pipe Training: A Good Mix for All Skill Levels
Good information. A good mix for all skill levels and very informative.
Team Leader/Operator
Tenneco Litchfield
- - - - -

Quick Response and Taught Us A Lot
Thanks so much for getting this scheduled so quickly. Dave taught us a lot today.
Jim Mast
Salt Creek Industries
- - - - -

Roll-Kraft Provides Incomparable Service
The service Roll-Kraft provides is like no other. It's just not comparable.
Chilo Lazcano
National Metalwares
- - - - -

We Made the Right Decision to Work with Roll-Kraft
The last time I called Roll-Kraft and spoke with Tim Nahm regarding some issues on tube mill, Tim was on his way out the door for vacation. Despite that, he worked with us to get us what we needed and then called back on his vacation, and called us again when he was back in town to make sure everything was running well.
That kind of customer service is unheard of these days and I really appreciates all the assistance Tim and Bret have offered us over the last couple years. Roll-Kraft did everything they said they would do and we made the right decision to work with Roll-Kraft on the new mill.
Randy Leonard
CAN Technology
- - - - -

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