Roll Forming Training and Education

Roll Forming Training and Education

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Are you having problems with your roll forming tooling or machine, such as:

  • Straightness
  • End-flare
  • Profile issues
  • Lack of consistent product
  • Long set-up process
  • Roll wear

If so, you are NOT alone. Roll-Kraft not only understands these types of issues, we can fix them for you too!

However, wouldn’t you rather have the skills and abilities to fix these issues on your own, with your own people? Take a look at the benefits of having ROLL-KRAFT conduct a training seminar at your facility. During the seminar, we would engage your team to determine the root causes of your roll forming problems as we teach best-practices. Training like this is an investment that is essential for your future.

Our experienced staff at Roll-Kraft have heard and seen many of the problems that exist in the industry. We have been doing roll forming training seminars for over 30 years. This is why Roll-Kraft will not conduct any training until we fully understand your expectations. This is extremely important due to the types of training we offer: hands on training, right on your roll forming mill, in the classroom with visual aids, or both. We will even train your staff on why roll tooling is designed in a certain way.

Our Roll Forming Training Team (Click below for team bios):

Our roll forming training team consists of Robert A. Sladky and Dave Rostocil. Roll-Kraft’s roll forming seminars are designed to present universal facts and procedures, matched to the experience of your group, and develop a standard for your particular company. The “art” of roll forming is combined with a scientific approach, which results in faster and more predictable setups and makes troubleshooting an easier process. We pride ourselves on the development and implementation of methods that have proven successful and reliable in the industry.


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Interested in learning more about what is covered at one of our seminars? Read below for a typical seminar agenda.

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Roll Forming Training and Education: Seminar Preparation

Programs are traditionally held in a conference room, lunch room, or training facility at your plant. “In-house” seminars allow the greatest opportunity for maximum attendance. Prior to the seminar date, a one-crate display with the visual aids will be shipped to the seminar site. Our trainer will arrive and set up the display the day before the scheduled program.

Your site should be able to accommodate a P.A. system, 6-ft. square screen, slide projector, marker board, tooling, and other supportive equipment. Each attendee receives an individual Seminar Guide Book. Our program is one of the most comprehensive and successful ways to train your personnel.

Our trainer will also tour your factory, taking time to review the configuration of your mills in order to best customize the presentation.

Roll Forming Training and Education: Topics Covered

  • Mill Configuration
  • Roll Terminology
  • Alignment & Setup Tools
  • Driven Stand Alignment
  • Side Roll Stand Alignment
  • Care of Spacers
  • Piano Wire the Mill
  • Preparing for Setups
  • Setup Charts
  • Checking Each Pass
  • Setting RPM of Drives
  • On Line Quality Control
  • Rework Charts
  • Tooling Maintenance

Roll Forming Training and Education: Seminar Agenda

The classroom portion consists of approximately 6-8 hours of classroom study and adequate time allowed for questions and answers and input from the audience. Content of the program can readily be adjusted to focus on areas of your local interest.

A second day of on-line training can be arranged for the next day, or at a later date, where the methods taught in the classroom can be fully demonstrated, “hands-on,” and all questions answered. This will cement the concepts discussed throughout the day and move the theory of the training to the reality of the mill.

Each attendee will be awarded a certificate of completion, which will be mailed after the seminar. This will provide documentation of training to satisfy the ever-challenging quality requirements of your customers.

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Who Should Attend:

In order to maximize this opportunity, a wide variety of personnel should be in attendance. There will be information applicable to many areas of operation. You will want everyone involved to be working together to achieve a better quality product in less time.

Specific personnel should include:

  • Roll Forming Mill Operators
  • Engineering Staff
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Tool Room Personnel
  • Supervisors
  • Management

Pricing Schedule:

Pricing depends on one of two options, classroom seminar only, or classroom seminar and one day on line training the day after.  Once that info is obtained, an all-inclusive price will be quoted for the training.  

Services are on a first-come, first-served basis and is only confirmed with a customer’s purchase order after checking with Robert Sladky for available dates. Use our contact form to request more information about our roll forming training or tube and pipe training programs.


Roll-Kraft’s seminar presentations are copyrighted under the terms of the U.S. copyright laws. This includes all printed handouts, slides, and verbal presentation materials. For this reason, no recordings or reproductions are allowed without the written permission of Roll-Kraft. There will be no exceptions.


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