Training e-Book

Guide to Tube and Pipe and Roll Forming

At Roll-Kraft, we are committed to excellence in all aspects of tube and pipe tooling and roll forming tooling. Our broad experience has given us unsurpassed insight into tube and pipe tooling processes. We put that experience and know-how to use around the country through custom-designed training seminars at our customers’ facilities.

As the next step in our training commitment, we developed an e-book, Guide to Tube and Pipe and Roll Forming, that synthesizes our best practices into a powerful and highly useful learning tool.

This e-book is organized in Five Chapters

  1. The Principles of Leadership for Tube and Pipe Supervisors
  2. The Secret to Running Consistent Product
  3. Solving Common Tube and Pipe Production Problems
  4. Taking Training to the Next Level
  5. Roll-Kraft Training Services Overview

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