6 Ways Testing Your Tooling Will Improve Production

Don’t risk downtime or disruptions. We’ll test your tooling to perform for you the first time. Every time.

Top 6 Advantages of Tooling Testing

1. Technicians involved early in the design process
We work in real production environments. Our technical performance specialists and engineers design your section drawing for the most effective end product.

  Quicker timeline to produce your tooling.

2. Test on our mill or yours
Here are your options:

  • Our in-house test mills that replicate your machine's setup
  • Our technical specialists test on your mill at your facility
  • Send us your mill used for daily production

 Confidence in knowing your tooling will perform the first time.

3. Detailed testing process
These steps guarantee your tooling will perform to your needs and timelines:

  • Step 1: Review approved section drawing
  • Step 2: Inspect for proper material clearances by matching out tooling on a surface plate.
  • Step 3: Install tooling on the mill
  • Step 4: Check material type and measure for proper width and thickness
  • Step 5: Gap rolls on the mill to ensure proper material clearances
  • Step 6: Run material through the rolls pass by pass and re-gap under load to remove backlash
  • Step 7: Produce samples to confirm that dimensions meet requirements. Repeat steps 2-7 if needed.

 Proof your tooling performs right out of the box.

4. Testing results
You get an inspection report (ISIR) verifying part dimensions meet requirements. Once you give approval, your tooling is removed from the mill, re-polished and securely packed in wooden crates for shipment. 

 Comfort knowing your production run will be flawless.

5. Detailed setup package.
You get required information from all tooling suppliers to ensure consistent tooling performance.

  • Settings for your mill - Step-by-step instructions for tooling setup.
  • Technician testing remarks - specific instructions by the technician who tested your tooling.
  • Detailed tooling drawings - complete CAD drawings developed by our engineers.

 Personalized resources to install and run tooling without issues.

6. Less stress for you
Testing eliminates downtime and gives you confidence in your final product.

 Confidence knowing Roll-Kraft was the right choice.

Don’t gamble on your tooling performance.
Never be held hostage by your tooling supplier. Get resources and technical support  to guarantee performance.

Learn more about our Performance Guarantee and latest results.


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