Roll Forming Setup Package: Your Personalized Guide for Easy Setup

See What’s Included

  • Operator's Checklist & Procedures with photos
  • Tryout Records & Tested Tooling Customized Setup Notes
  • Detailed Drawings

You don’t have time for guesses or mistakes. Your personalized setup package gives your operators additional knowledge for quick setup to avoid producing scrap during production.

Setup the Right Way, Right Away

1. Operator’s Checklist & Procedures
The setup chart helps you:

  • Place tooling on equipment correctly
  • Set tooling gaps to gauge material thickness (see photo example below)
  • Determine equipment is aligned with tooling
  • Verify material thickness prior to forming

 Efficient setup for quick changeovers.

2. Tested Tooling Customized Setup Notes
When we test your tooling, our technicians document their notes on the unique setup specific to your tooling design. 

 Avoid costly production delays and calling technical support.

3. Detailed Tooling Drawings
Don’t let your tooling supplier hold you hostage. You pay for the design and tooling. You deserve the full set of drawings.

Other suppliers withhold drawings so you can't get competitive bids or purchase replacement rolls with the quickest delivery. We don't.

 Purchase tooling from any supplier who meets your production requirements.

Testimonials on Setup Success

First Time Performance Made Easy
We are the ONLY tooling supplier to offer our customers guaranteed performance. It’s right, or it’s on us. Learn more about our Performance Guarantee and latest results.


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