The Importance of a Properly Maintained PM Program for the Tube and Pipe and Roll Forming Industry

In the tube, pipe and roll form industry, just like any other industry with machinery, a properly maintained preventative maintenance (PM) program will “Help Prevent” issues from arising that will cause machine failure and down time.
However, all too often, we find our best intentions of maintaining a formal PM program can go astray and quickly fall into “Crisis” management mode, where the equipment or machine is only fixed when it totally breaks down.


This is usually because we feel the pressure of production pushing the envelope of our available time to do proper PM’s on the equipment.



Unfortunately this type of practice can cost us much more in the long run and many times breakdowns can happen at the most inopportune time when production is very demanding.

There are two things you will never get back:
--The opportunity………….after it is missed…
--The time………..after it is gone….

So how do we get a proper PM program in place, and how do we keep it maintained?

Let’s go over some key points to achieve this goal:

  • Outline the needs and requirements of the equipment you need to maintain.
  • From that list above, outline the frequency of the maintenance that needs to be performed, for example, grease the machine every 100 hours, change oil in the gear boxes every 2,500 hours, etc.
  • Create a check off list for the required PM so nothing is missed.
  • Do an audit every so often to insure the boxes on the check off list are not just being crossed off without the required areas actually being checked or serviced.
  • Schedule regular intervals for the PM program, so your sales/production can work around this time frame. This would be no different than working around a Holiday or a plant shutdown.
  • “Stick to your guns” in regard to maintaining your PM program. (If you even let one excuse interrupt this plan it can quickly lead to a breakdown in your entire program, and ultimate failure of the same.)


Numerous studies have shown that a properly maintained PM program “DOES” pay off in the long and short term of any operation that depends upon machinery to produce their product.

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This article has a sample outline in all the areas of concern you would typically find on a tube, pipe or roll form line and comes with a sample check off sheets to help you establish your own program tailored to your machines.

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Written by:
Robert A. Sladky
Vice President Tube Mill Engineering


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