The Principles of Leadership for Tube and Pipe Supervisors

We’ve worked with hundreds of tube and pipe supervisors over the years. We’ve noted that the most effective supervisors consistently display similar traits. Below, we’ve put together a list of what we consider to be the principles of a successful tube and pipe leader.

  • SET A GOOD EXAMPLE—You are always being watched by someone.
  • GET ORGANIZED—An effective leader makes the best possible use of every minute of every day.  He/she plans ahead, and is prepared to handle emergencies as they happen.
  • ENCOURAGE COOPERATION—You do this by giving it and expecting it in return.
  • BUILD MORALE—You do this by focusing on the “good things” your people do, not just criticizing the bad.
  • SHOW PRIDE—In “all” your staff
  • SHOW FAITH—Trust your people enough to delegate responsibility, but at the same time, hold them accountable.
  • TREAT EACH EMPLOYEE AS AN INDIVIDUAL—You can do this only if you’ve taken the time to become personally and professionally acquainted with your people.
  • BE FAIR—Don’t let your personal feelings (human nature) influence you in rewarding or disciplining your people.
  • LEARN TO CONTROL YOURSELF UNDER STRESS—The real test of your experience and character shows the most at this point!
  • KEEP AN OPEN MIND—A good leader listens to both sides and then makes up his/her mind.   Remember, no matter what your personal style may be, using these basic rules/guidelines will compliment it and at the same time build your reputation as a fair, responsible and respected supervisior.

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Written by:
Robert A. Sladky
Vice President Tube Mill Engineering


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