Tooling Drawings: They’re all yours. Here’s why.

Don’t let your tooling supplier hold you hostage. Ever. You pay for the tooling design. You deserve the full set of drawings.  

How Our Tooling Drawings Help You

1. Make Quick Decisions
The complete CAD drawings give you detailed tooling dimensions. You’ve got everything you need to be proactive about your tooling needs.

 Make faster, smarter decisions about your tooling.

2. Order Fast Replacements
You’re free to get competitive bids or purchase replacement rolls from the fastest or cheapest supplier.

 Save time and money for new or reconditioned tooling.

3. Run Better Production
Your operators can troubleshoot issues quicker and do regular inspections for quality control.

 Produce parts without downtime and scrap.

Expect The Best From Your Tooling Supplier
We don’t handcuff our customers to us. We do everything to set our customers up for success. That’s why we offer our Performance Guarantee.

Learn more about our Performance Guarantee and latest results.


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