Tooling That’s Packaged to Perform

Our packaging guarantees your tooling shows up in perfect condition. There’s no wear or tear. No downtime. It’s ready to perform right out of the box.

A Process that Protects Your Tooling Investment

Our dedicated packaging team takes these steps to keep your tooling safe and secure.

Step 1: Oil rolls by hand to prevent rusting.

Step 2: Polish rolls to create a smooth surface and extend lifetime.

Step 3: Line our custom wooden crates with thick cardboard.


Step 4: Place cardboard between each roll to prevent contact.


Step 5: Cover rolls with plastic and fill space with expandable foam to secure the rolls.


Step 6: Tightly seal the crate with metal banding.


 Tooling is ready for first-time performance upon delivery.

Packaged for Performance
We take your investment seriously. Every step we take is designed to protect it. Tooling shows up in 100% prime condition, ready to perform. Guaranteed.

Learn more about our Performance Guarantee and latest results.


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