Industries We Serve

Tube and Pipe Industry

Agriculture Sprinkler, Barn Door Tracks, Grain Storage, and Animal Feeding Components

Dishwasher Drawer Slides; Refrigerator, Dishwasher, and Oven Wrappers

Automotive and Transportation
Truck Framing Members; Trailer Skins; E-tracks; Automotive Trim Parts; Muffler, Exhaust, and Radiator Tubing

Building Products
Wall and Roof Panel, Fascia, Soffit, F and J Channels, Single and Double Siding, Corner Posts

Curtain Rods
Inner and Outer Lock Seam Rods, Non-Welded (Butt Seam) Rods

Furniture and Lighting
Round, Square, Rectangular, and Trapezoidal Welded Tubing for Metal Furniture; Movie Screen Tubes and Covers; Trim Components; Fluorescent Light Reflectors; and Ballast Covers

Garage Doors
Insulated Garage Door Panel, Roll-Up Steel Doors, Welded Tube, Garage Door Openers, Barn Door H-Profiles

Highway and Roads
Guardrails and Sign Posts

Home Furnishing
Sliding Door Stiles, Wardrobes Stile, and Horizontal Rail Cover

Pallet Racking and Shelving
Welded and Non-Welded Step Beams, Columns, Posts, Bracing, and Shelving Components

Radiator and Vent Covers, Various Ducting

Solar Panel Frames, Brackets, and Array Framing Members

Tube and Pipe
Pipe for Oil Wells, Casket Handle, Lock Seam Tube, Step Beam, Welded Tube, and Refineries

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