Roll Form Tooling Design and Analysis

Most roll forming companies want to produce the most cost-effective and highest quality products. The number one way to accomplish this is to have the best roll forming design.

We at Roll-Kraft are well aware of the complexities when designing your roll form tooling. If a poor roll form design leads to increased scrap rates, company morale is affected, because your operators cannot produce suitable roll formed products for your customers. We always ask the proper questions in order to fully understand your expectations and offer our 100% performance guarantee.

Roll-Kraft understands these issues along with many others. We have the most advanced software, as well as a highly qualified engineering team to design roll form tooling exactly for the types of products you are looking for. Please check out all of the industries we serve and read the testimonials, so you feel more comfortable knowing we have the expertise to design your roll form tooling.

Our roll forming design teams work closely with you from design inception to final inspection. One popular service we offer is the ability to improve another supplier’s roll forming tooling designs through reverse engineering. Have you had persistent problems with a set of tooling from another supplier? Has the supplier failed time and time again to remedy the situation? You may feel that you are out of options, but rest assured, you are not. We will analyze the failed design and implement changes that will not only result in decreased costs but faster delivery of your end product as well. Keep in mind, though, that there are many instances where the problem lies with the roll forming mill itself, and not with the tooling design. Whatever the problem may be, we will find it and solve it. Guaranteed.

Whether you need a new set of roll forming tooling or a roll forming design analysis of an existing set of tooling, you can be assured that every roll goes through our quality and process control procedures incorporating ISO 9001:2000 with design in order to meet your expectations. Our 100% performance guarantee consists of either a replacement of our products or services or a complete refund.

Software for Roll Form Tooling Design (not for resale)

Roll-Kraft developed its own roll forming design standards because we know that each and every design is unique to each application. It is imperative to ask the right questions, listen intently, and understand your expectations. Our customers appreciate the fact that we have our own design standards because it gives them the security of knowing that the roll design will be perfect. The roll forming of exotic materials has become more prevalent in recent years. The demand for higher quality and reduced delivery times is constantly increasing. We continually improve our tooling design standards to meet these ever-increasing needs.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

In 2003, Roll-Kraft purchased Copra FEA RF (data M Software GmbH) software. Specifically created for the tube, pipe, and roll forming industry, this software simulates the roll tooling design in order to predict the final result of the strip. This allows the designer to investigate multiple designs and materials and make any necessary revisions before the roll tooling is manufactured. When used in a prototype or R&D capacity, the software provides a scientific approach to roll design.

The reason that we state the purchase date of this software is that many companies claim to have this or similar software. The most critical element of this software is translating and understanding the data. The more often the software is used, the more accurate the roll designs become. This, coupled with decades of hands-on experience, is why our designs are the best in the industry. This confidence enables us to offer our 100% performance guarantee. You will be satisfied or receive a complimentary replacement or a full refund.

FEA Videos

We have compiled a YouTube playlist of several FEA videos for review. You can access the playlist on our YouTube channel.

Use our contact form for more information on our capabilities for roll forming tooling design or call us toll-free at 888-953-9400.

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