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Tungsten Carbide Rolls

Roll Form Tungsten Carbide Rolls Our Roll Forming Tungsten Carbide Rolls are Built to Stand the Test of Time

Roll-Kraft’s dedicated Tungsten Carbide Facility ensures the same high quality, precision, and satisfaction that has made Roll-Kraft the leader in the industry. We understand that producing tungsten carbide rolls requires specialized manufacturing techniques. That’s why your tungsten carbide tooling is designed, manufactured, and reground in-house. Benefits of using tungsten carbide rolls:

  • Tungsten carbide rolls can last up to 50 times longer than conventional, hardened tool steel rolls
  • Tungsten carbide increases the tooling life before regrinding, lasting up to 10 times longer than conventional, hardened tool steel rolls
  • Guaranteed product performance
  • Solves excess wear problems on any roll section of the mill
  • Fewer changeovers, due to excessive wear on hardened tool steel rolls
  • Holds tighter tolerances on tube and pipe
  • Tungsten carbide rolls should be considered, when high footage/tonnage is required from any one particular size
  • Eliminates pick-up to give tube and pipe a better surface finish
  • Rolls can be solid carbide on smaller mills or carbide-inserted for larger rolls
  • Roll-Kraft’s design expertise can assist in cost justification

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