Reconditioning Tube and Pipe Tooling

Reconditioned Roll Tooling

Reconditioning Tube and Pipe Tooling Reconditioning is the most cost-effective way to get your tube and pipe roll tooling back to its original condition within days.

Unfortunately, with some roll suppliers, rectifying a persistent problem can sometimes cost as much as a new set of tooling. Over the years we have heard countless stories about other roll companies telling customers that rolls needed to be replaced because they were beyond repair when that is simply not the case. Before making an investment in new rolls which you may not need, why not contact Roll-Kraft about our reconditioning services. Reconditioning Tube and Pipe Tooling

At Roll-Kraft, your reconditioned tube and pipe roll tooling will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for wear, chips, and cracks. All original dimensions will be compared to as-received dimensions.

When the tooling has been reconditioned and returned, you will receive an inspection report explaining exactly what was done to your tube and pipe tooling.

We offer a 100% performance guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our products or services in any way, you will receive a replacement or a full refund.Reconditioning Tube and Pipe Tooling

Below are some other facts that you may not have known:

Can Roll-Kraft recondition roll tooling manufactured by other roll suppliers? YES. Not only can we recondition other roll suppliers’ roll tooling, we can also analyze the tooling design to see if the tooling is designed for maximum performance. For example, say that your roll tooling was designed to form a specific material. Your sales team has just received an order for the same tube and pipe size, but the material is different. The existing tooling design may not perform the same way, causing unwanted scrap.

Can Roll-Kraft recondition tungsten carbide roll tooling? YES. We use the most advanced processes to recondition tungsten carbide rolls and other special materials. Our advanced processes enable us to guarantee delivery, which we know is extremely important to your production.

Can Roll-Kraft repair the bore diameters and faces (widths) of roll tooling? YES. We use a hard chrome material to build up the bores and faces, then machine them to the precision tolerances required. This process is guaranteed to save you money on the total cost of reconditioning, versus having to replace the roll tooling.

Can Roll-Kraft repair chips in the contours of used roll tooling? YES. Using the most advanced process to make these repairs, we can guarantee you will have your roll tooling when required, and at a lower cost than having to replace it. 

What sizes of roll tooling can Roll-Kraft recondition? We can recondition roll tooling of any size.

Reconditioning Tube and Pipe Tooling Reconditioning Tube and Pipe Tooling

How fast can Roll-Kraft recondition my roll tooling? You can have your roll tooling back in production within days. Here are some examples of special materials that can be manufactured and reconditioned by Roll-Kraft:

Soft Urethane – Used when grip is needed and the product surface cannot be crushed back flat. Perforated and louvered tubing are examples of applications for this material.

Nylon – Used when the surface condition of the final product is crucial and no other material will suffice. Dead soft aluminum and some stainless steel tube can be made completely mark-free with a nylon application.

Aluminum Bronze – Used when the absence of marking is critical and more tooling wear is required. It is commonly used in stainless steel applications (as well as weld rolls), due to its non-magnetic properties. It is available in different grades and levels of hardness.

CPM 10V and A11 – Used in many applications, and these materials have a longer life than D2 steel. They work very well in bead rolling and hammering operations on stainless steel tube and pipe. These materials can last two to three times longer than D2 in certain areas when forming carbon steels.

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