Tube and Pipe Straightener Rolls

Straightener Rolls

Tube and Pipe Straightener Rolls Tube and Pipe straightening rolls with machines are designed to take welded tube and pipe products that are bent or crooked, and straightened through a series of straightening rolls mounted inside of a straightening machine.

Tungsten Carbide Straightener Rolls

Knowing the amount of stress and wear that straightener rolls have to endure, Roll-Kraft designs and manufactures tungsten carbide rolls that will last up to 50 times longer than conventional tool steels. Our unique method for manufacturing straightener rolls guarantees you will get the exact contour required for your application.

Precision Contours

The contours are the most critical process when manufacturing. Many companies look at a straightener roll and say, “That is just a regular radius. We can do easily.” The fact is, it is not. It is a parabola that requires very sophisticated calculations to ensure your tube and pipe will be straightened.



Full-Service Manufacturing

Roll-Kraft’s manufacturing processes and computer-aided design software (directly linked to our CNC equipment) deliver the greatest accuracy for the special contour required.

Full-Service Reworking

And if you are looking to save money and time, Roll-Kraft’s comprehensive reworking service gives you what no one else does: 24-hour emergency service, detailed inspection reports, and precision manufacturing.

Customer Testimonials

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