Tooling Design and Analysis

If you want to produce the best and most cost-effective tube and pipe, you need the best tooling design.

Most tube and pipe producing companies know that if the roll tooling design is not correct, you will experience increased scrap, due to marking, difficult setups, welding, and other formation problems.

We understand these issues, along with many others. This is why we have invested in the most advanced engineering team and software to design tube and pipe roll tooling exactly for the types of products you are looking for. These include welded round, square, oval, elliptical, and trapezoidal profiles, as well as complex, non-welded profiles. Our tube, pipe, and roll tooling design teams work closely with our customers in all areas of the tooling design process. We can also improve other suppliers’ roll tooling designs through reverse engineering and testing, with strict quality and process control procedures, utilizing our ISO 9001:2008 With Design certification to guarantee that you receive exactly what you expected.

Proprietary Software (not for resale) = Perfect Designs from Roll-Kraft

Knowing that the importance of the perfect tube and pipe roll design is so critical, Roll-Kraft developed its own proprietary roll tooling design software in 1985. It was created so that we can build the best possible tooling for you. It combines proven design practices and experiences gained since the company was founded in 1963. Because we have developed and use our own proprietary software, it gives our customers the security of knowing their roll design will be perfect to produce their products. We have made numerous updates to our tooling design software over the years because we know that our customers are producing tube and pipe products with more exotic materials compared to years ago. We will continue to improve our design capabilities by adapting to this ever-evolving industry.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) – A Scientific Approach to Roll Design

Roll-Kraft utilizes the Copra FEA RF (data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH) software. Specifically created for the tube, pipe, and roll forming industry, this software simulates the roll tooling design in order to predict the final result of the strip. This technology allows the designer to investigate multiple designs and materials in order to make any necessary revisions before the roll tooling is manufactured. When used in a prototype or R&D capacity, the software provides a scientific approach to roll design. Roll-Kraft has been using this software since 2003 and our experience is unmatched within the industry. The most critical element of this software is translating and understanding the data. Therefore, the more often the software is used, the more accurate the roll designs become. Our experience is the reason that we are so confident in our designs. If you are not satisfied in any way with our products, you will receive a complete refund.

FEA Videos

We have compiled a YouTube playlist of several FEA videos for review. You can access the playlist on our YouTube channel.

Click here to see a tube mill configuration comparison using FEA. Use our contact form for more information on our capabilities for tube design, pipe design, and roll tooling design, or call us toll free at 888-953-9400.

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