Tube and Pipe Tooling Setup Package

As further proof of our commitment to first-time performance for new tube and pipe tooling orders, we are pleased to announce our new setup package. The package, which will accompany all new tube and pipe tooling orders, includes all of the information you need to get your tooling up and running, the first time. The package includes:

  • Standard Operating Procedures – A step-by-step guide for best results.
  • Setup Chart for your Tube and Pipe Tooling – Our engineers have created your setup
    chart based on our years of experience to achieve desired outcome of your tooling in
    shortest possible time.
  • Drawings – All of your drawing records for your tooling.

Download a sample copy of our tooling setup package.


Roll-Kraft Responds to Customer Needs with New Setup Package Roll-Kraft analyzed their customers’ requirements on newly tooled projects and developed a thorough documented set-up process. Roll-Kraft engineers started forwarding American Roll Form Products completed set up packages in early March of 2014. These packages have proven to be invaluable to ARF with our multiple facilities and new resources we continue to hire and train as roll form mill operators. Operator notes and lessons learned tend to get lost or mistranslated over the years, so this tool will be something that can be utilized for years. The customer setup package provides try-out notes and roll drawings, should an operator or set-up personnel have to refer back for troubleshooting. In the past, ARF has created and utilized its own internal SOP’s and WI’s for years, but it is great to have this all centralized from the OEM in one document that we can save to our server and be utilized across the entire organization. Going forward ARF will be utilizing these exclusively and appreciate all the time and effort that Roll-Kraft has put forth to offer this to their customers. It’s a great tool to add to the “Tool Box”! Randy Myers American Roll Form Sr. Technical Director of Product Development - - - - -
Roll-Kraft Steps it up a Notch by Rolling Out Their New Tooling Setup Package Chaz, Just want to say thank you and great job your team has done on your new setup package that you sent me on the last set of roll tooling we purchased. - Standard Operating Procedures: Goes over setup procedures, gauging of the rolls, inspecting the rolls, aligning the rolls, aligning the entry guides, aligning the side guides, feeding in the strip, aligning the straightening fixture and cutoff. All of this in an easy, step-by-step process and illustrations showing how to do each step. This will make it so much easier to help train new employees as well as retrain existing employees. - Roll Tryout Record: This explains the type, thickness and strip width used for the tryout as well as what each pass gap was set at during the tryout. Once again, this helps everyone understand the proper gap settings - Setup Drawings: Easily read drawings showing back spacers, proper roll numbers and where they go, making it so much easier with training Cannot thank you enough on making it easier to set up and train. Great job Roll-Kraft! Bob Ladd GM of Operations Cemco
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