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Roll-Kraft Celebrates 50th Anniversary in Tube and Pipe and Roll Forming Industry

MENTOR, OH, April, 2013 - Roll-Kraft is pleased to commemorate its 50-year anniversary of designing and manufacturing tooling for the tube & pipe and roll forming industry.   Founded in 1963 by George F. Gehrisch, the company’s goal has always been to be the most reliable supplier of custom-designed roll tooling to every producer who uses welded tube or pipe products or roll forms open shapes.
The modest original facility in Willoughby, OH, with its minimal staff, has been replaced by a 110,000 sq. ft. factory in Mentor, OH., and two additional plants, including one based in Canada, with more than 100 employees.  The company now operates daily with a total of 50 CNC (computer numerical control) machines, including multiple large-capacity machines.  The U.S. headquarters factory produces roll tooling up to 40” in diameter, while the Canadian plant produces tooling up to 52” diameter - quite a sharp contrast to the customer requirements during the early years.   
In 2001, Roll-Kraft became certified by the International Organization for Standardization to ISO 9001:2000 With Design, and is currently certified to ISO 9001:2008 With Design.  The original certification was earned in 1997, and through annual audits, the company has maintained certification every year since then.
Roll-Kraft tooling is known worldwide and is used in 50 countries around the globe.    The company has a fully staffed engineering department with expertise in designing tooling to manufacture a myriad of products, from furniture, curtain rods, and steel doors, to highway road signs, and even tooling used in the mining and energy sector.    
Over the years, the company has added regional and on-site seminars to offer opportunities for companies in the industry to provide tube & pipe and roll forming training to their personnel.  These efforts were acknowledged by the Tube & Pipe Association’s Industry Education Activities Award in 2003, which was awarded to Roll-Kraft’s Robert Sladky for his more than 30 years of training services.
Roll-Kraft is happy to celebrate this benchmark in its history and looks forward to many more years of serving the tube & pipe and roll form industry.  
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About Roll-Kraft
Roll-Kraft has its headquarters in Mentor, Ohio, and maintains other facilities in Frankfort, Illinois (Roll-Kraft Northern), and Ontario, Canada (Roll-Kraft Ltd.).  The company phone number is (888) 953-9400 or (440) 205-3100, and the fax number is (440) 205-3110.  Please also visit the web site at   For easy and immediate contact with Roll-Kraft that transcends time zones and working hours, the website features Dr. Resolve.  Simply complete and submit an on-line form and Roll-Kraft will respond.


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