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Press Releases

Roll-Kraft Training E-Book Now Available: Guide to Mill Setup


Roll-Kraft, an internationally known supplier of roll tooling to tube and pipe and roll forming manufacturers, is pleased to announce a new e-book available for free download:  Setup Guide for Tube and Pipe and Roll Forming Mills.  This is an opportunity to provide employee training in the proper techniques necessary to successfully set up a mill.

This e-book is organized in five chapters that synthesize the company’s recommended best practices for mill setup into a powerful and highly useful learning tool:

  1. Material Entry:  Making Sure Material Enters the Tube and Pipe Equipment Correctly
  2. Setting Up the Breakdown Section:  Can Your Tube and Pipe Mill Take the Pressure?
  3. Setting Up the Fin Section
  4. Setting Up the Welding Section on Tube and Pipe Mill Lines
  5. Setting Up the Sizing Section

Download the free e-book here

In addition to the new e-book, Roll-Kraft conducts regional training seminars and events periodically throughout the year, and also offers tube and pipe training and roll forming training programs at customer’s locations.  Conducting a training program on-site allows the instructors to focus on the mills in operation, tooling, and staff, and allows interaction with their everyday issues and experiences.

Visit Roll-Kraft’s website for more educational tube and pipe and roll forming articles.

Roll-Kraft has its headquarters in Mentor, Ohio, and maintains other facilities in Frankfort, Illinois (Roll-Kraft Northern), Ontario, Canada (Roll-Kraft Ltd.), and Houston, Texas (Roll-Kraft Texas).  Calls to the company‘s main line, (888) 953-9400 or (440) 205-3100, are greeted by a live operator who can assist callers in quickly reaching a technician, engineer, or sales staff, who can provide immediate assistance.  The company’s fax number is (440) 205-3110.  Learn more about Roll-Kraft by visiting  For easy and immediate contact with Roll-Kraft that transcends time zones and working hours, the website features an easy-to-use contact form.   


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