An Invaluable Tube and Pipe Manufacturing Training Resource
On behalf of all the participants of Roll-Kraft’s March 9th Tooling, Tube and Pipe Mill Seminar, I’d like to thank your organization for its outstanding efforts on our behalf.
From the planning stages through program delivery, Robert Sladky proved himself as an invaluable resource to our tube manufacturing personnel. As expected, all program materials and instructional abilities were of the highest standard of quality and have since been the subject of enthusiastic discussion within our organization.
We pride ourselves on the high quality of the various educational programs it provides to its 450 employees throughout the operation. Roll-Kraft’s ardent participation in this process, through Robert Sladky, has been well-received by all participants and the management team.
Once again, thanks for a job well done!
Paul G. Cormack, AS
Cordinator, Training & Safety
- - - - -


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