Complete Satisfaction with Pipe Mill Training Seminar
Last week Mr. Robert Sladky, Vice-President Tube Mill Engineering - Roll-Kraft facilitated the above noted on-site seminar at our pipe mill location. We felt compelled to advise you of our complete satisfaction with Mr. Sladky and his program outline and thoroughness. More significantly we were extremely pleased with Mr. Sladky’s knowledge with the operational aspects of pipe mills and his quick adaptation to our pipe mill.
Our pipe mill, designed and built by our staff of specialists, produces pipe for structural steel piling in seven O.D. sizes ranging from 4 to 16. Mr. Sladky indicated he was impressed with the design and quality of our pipe mill and the receptiveness of our staff to learning and adapting different operational techniques. This staff receptiveness was due to Mr. Sladky's non-abrasive ability to garner the confidence of our staff with his immense practical knowledge and problem solving skills.
To conclude on behalf of the shareholders, management and our staff, we were extremely pleased with Mr. Sladky's presentation, knowledge and trouble shooting skills and intend to have Mr. Sladky return in the future.
Barry Strauss
Chief Financial Officer


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