Excellent Work by Robert and Your Team!

Sanjay and Chuck,

I’d like to give you some feedback on our 2 days last week with Robert.  We spent the first day conducting the training session, and the 2nd day out on the floor of our South Bend plants.

My position is Exec VP of Operations for our group of companies.  For Lock Joint Tube, I’ve been tasked with building a robust training program.  Roberts class was excellent.  For me, it was a great overview of proper methods, with backup explanation of the whole process.  For many of our newer operators, it was their first formal training.  Robert and I met one of these guys the following day on the plant floor… he was very excited and appreciative about the class.  For the handful of experienced operators, the class triggered some valuable discussions.

Having read Roberts follow-up report this morning, we have a host of issues to address, that will certainly provide considerable improvement to our process.  We now have a baseline to build out our ongoing training.  In the past, Robert has made recommendations that weren’t necessarily acted upon… I’m going to work to implement his ideas.

Thanks for the excellent work by Robert and your team!

Billy Lerman
EVP Operations
Lerman Industries


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