Fantastic Job: Tooling Performed Extremely Well


I would imagine that you may know already, but the test out on the tooling went extremely well. There was just one very minor issue that needs to be dealt with, but it was nearly perfect. As usual your team did a fantastic job on this seemingly complicated package (at least complicated to me), and it performed exactly as we had hoped.

Myself and my team that was working on this project really enjoyed meeting and working with Frank Lowery, and I know that I learned quite a bit from him while he was here and he made it very easy to understand. We really appreciate the time that he took to talk to many of my key personnel about some of the finer points of proper setups. The quality of your company’s product, service and the great people that are on your team are just some of the reasons that the tooling in this facility is and will continue to be predominantly Roll-Kraft. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together; Roll-Kraft is welcome here any time.

Thanks again for everything.

Todd McCrite
Operations Manager (Pittsburg)


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