Going the Extra Mile to Deliver
Once again Roll Kraft employees have gone the extra mile to support Lock Joint tube. This week the Roll Kraft Operating group found a way to Jump 16 rolls into the middle of their schedule ( a disruption I find particularly frustrating when done to our schedule) for us to have the rolls inspected, ground, polished, repackaged and back in our plant in 1 and 1/2 days. I wanted everyone from the shop floor to Chuck G. know that we deeply appreciate our relationship with the Roll Kraft and look forward to many more years of working together. The tubing industry is now considered to be transitioning to shorter lead times, and much smaller volume/order sizes. We are convinced that our survival is dependent upon our ability to adjust these new market conditions. As we transition will need support from strong suppliers. The dedication of the work force and the Roll Kraft leadership is key to our succeeding in that transition.

The rolls arrived in our plant just in time for us to setup on the mill, run some product and ship directly to our customer. How cool is that!

Bret, please pass along our thanks to the operators who made this happen.

Joe McGee
Plant Superintendent
Lock Joint Tube LLC
- - - - -


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