Great Seminar and Key Performance Manual
Many times I have been to seminars presented by engaging well-informed speakers who had an answer for every situation. I would leave feeling I had all the answers and all my frustration and anxiety over the process or equipment had been relieved. Once back on the plant floor and in the real world I would soon learn that everything did not line up with the speakers perfect world and I felt I had wasted valuable time with little to show for it.

After a week of applying what I learned I have to say this was not the case with the Roll Kraft seminar. The speakers were engaging and more than well informed. The minute I walked back onto the plant floor I had my very detailed and easy to use seminar manual open and applying what I had learned.

Every question I had was answered thoroughly and I found in most cases my concerns were similar to the other attendees and there was a methodical and documented procedure to handle the situation. Roll Kraft took a machine that at times could be overwhelming and complex and hour by hour broke it down into a process that just made sense.

Both Robert and Bret are at the top of their game. The difference for me was that they not only knew forming mill process but they new in detail every brand of mill that was represented and compared the similarities and the differences. Rather than explain how a mill will work when tooling, coil and pm are all they helped me to understand when (which is most of the time) all these do not line up how to make a quality product. In the long term they presented a pm procedure that will insure the mill is operating, as it should. I feel I have gained a lifetime of experience in one 8-hour class. Because everything I learned follows the seminar manual presented I never have to worry about forgetting some key information that was passed along it is documented.

Kevin L. Goad
Handle Operations Manager
The Libman Company
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