Insightful Tube and Pipe Mill Training Seminar
I would like to thank Roll-Kraft for the exceptional Tube And Pipe Mill Seminar provided to sixty-one (61) of our employees.
Personnel from our Production, Maintenance, Machine Shop and Quality Assurance Departments attended and I have received positive feedback from all departments. Everyone picked up valuable information. In some cases confirmation of things we were doing well and in others new insight into causes and corrections for quality and operating problems.
I cannot overestimate the contribution Robert Sladky makes to the success of the program. Unlike some training programs we have had in the past, Robert is able to establish a rapport with the participants. He knows what he is talking about and it shows. His presentation style fosters both interest and participation. The time flew by.
It is a credit to Roll-Kraft that you had the insight to develop this type of training. Quality requirements are changing rapidly in tubing industry. ISO and the Automotive Industry are pushing us to achieve Quality levels far beyond our historic performance. Good quality training is an essential ingredient to achieve these levels.
Thanks again for the excellent Seminar and I look forward to having you back in the near future to work hands on with our people continuing their training and troubleshooting some of the tough problems.
Bryan McAninch
Plant Manager
- - - - -


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