Rework Drops From 70% to 20% After Tube and Pipe Mill Realignment
Want to thank both of you for your assistance during the rebuild and realignment of the HL-4 Yoder Tube Mill. Your efforts during this important project have started to show favorable results on the quality of the tubing being produced on this equipment.
Our 4” diameter stainless steel tube has seen significant improvements. Rework of this product has dropped from approximately 70% (before realignment) to 20% (after realignment) overall. The 05-20-93 tubing run, the mill operators tried a couple of different settings at the end of the order for 68 sticks of approximately 11’ long tubes. These 68 sticks made 608 parts and only 40 of the 608 had to be reworked. That’s only 7% rework, which is an improvement that I didn’t even think would be possible. Hopefully this will continue to be the case in upcoming production runs.
Thanks again for everything and the overall comments have been very positive. Now the ball is rolling, hopefully it will continue to build up some momentum and keep rolling. I’ve been working on the Thermatool welder during last few weeks and hopefully we will work with you to improve the weld integrity.
Don Leif
Process Engineer
- - - - -


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