Roll Forming Equipment and Processes Aid in Response to Growth
Roll forming equipment and processes have been one of the keys to GRD's ability to growth over the past few decades. Advances in the roll forming industry prompted the Suwanee Operations team to investigate these changes and pursue the latest technology in the industry. In October of 2010, a decision was made to partner with Roll-Kraft Inc. in Mentor, Ohio to build a new roll forming line for Suwanee Operations. The reasons behind this decision included:

  • Increased production capacity
  • Backup to existing processes
  • Lower cost production tooling

One of the advances in the roll forming industry that allows for lowering the overall tooling cost is the use of "rafted tooling." Traditionally, a roll form line was built to produce only one part-profile. By mounting the roll tooling on moveable plates or "rafts," the roll form line is more like a powered punch press with changeable dies. This tooling concept allows the same line to produce multiple parts on the same base with a quick tool change. The new line in Suwanee was tooled for VCS3 frames, VCS3 blades and 530/630 return blades. The changeover time on this line is expected to be 45 minutes or less to switch from one part-profile to another.
In addition to the tooling changes, the latest electronic controls from AMS in Maryland Heights, MO are also in place on this line. This hardware/software combination allows the operator to select parameters by component part number and automatically communicate part data to production control computers.
The specifications for this line were developed to include the current production needs of Suwanee, as well as future considerations. The press and roll sizing for this line will allow for common tooling in all of Price’s production facilities in the near future. This will also allow new product profiles to be considered for the economies of roll forming without having to bear the cost of an entire roll forming line.
By improving the manufacturing techniques that helped us be successful in the past, we are poised to grow into the future.
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