Roll-Kraft Provides Huge Payback Without Risk of Mistakes
It had come to me through the grape vine that we were quoting some Roll-Kraft tooling through our Mexico facility. At my previous employer we had used Roll-Kraft exclusively. We never had an issue and never needed to go anywhere else. We had a long standing relationship with Roll-Kraft and you had bailed us out on more than one occasion to keep our mills up and going.
In addition to all new tooling coming from Roll-Kraft, you also did all of our regrinds and repair work. We did the polishing in house. The tooling always came back on time and in perfect shape. On a few of the newer parts we had tried designs unsure if they would give us the expected result. Roll-Kraft was always willing to work with us on these R&D type projects and was always very fair.
If anyone has any questions about Roll-Kraft and the service/quality they provide and would like to hear about them from a previous customer, please let me know. They may have not been the lowest cost, but the service they provided for us was a huge payback with no risk of mistakes.
Scott Baker
Technical Sales Engineer
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