The Best Tube and Pipe Training Seminar that I have Ever Attended
I am writing this letter to express my appreciation to Roll-Kraft for the learning experience we received earlier this month. As you may already know, Robert Sladky spent two days with us on the 15th and 16th of August.  August 15 was spent evaluating two of our four mills. The following day Mr. Sladky presented an in-house seminar for 44 of our employees.
Roll-Kraft is very fortunate to have an employee like Robert Sladky. His years of experience and knowledge are conveyed in a very informative, eye-opening way. There is never a dull moment during a Sladky seminar. It is virtually impossible to be inattentive or uninterested when such a presentation is being given. The seminar was taught in a way that everyone here benefitted to some degree. Many comments were made following the seminar. A few examples are as follows: “That Sladky guy really knows his stuff!”, “You know if we had those tools we could make the setup measurements and alignment checks that were demonstrated!” "Why don’t we just hire Mr. Sladky for a few months?”, and “In all my years here, that is probably the best seminar I ever attended!”
In dealing with roll rework and maintenance questions Mr. Sladky was very accommodating and helpful.
We know what we have to do to be the best tubing producer we can be. First, we must do the necessary mill maintenance as outlined in Robert’s report. We then must have our mills aligned so that we can see the benefits of the tooling upgrades now taking place. Finally we have to provide the mill operators with the proper tools to do their job and perform regular mill preventive maintenance.
Again, let me thank you for your help in our tubing improvement efforts.

Eric Thacker
Process Engineer
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