Tooling Ran Flawlessly and Looking Forward to Our Next Order
I just want to take a minute to express my delight on receiving our new 1.250 breakdown rolls.
Not only was price and delivery competitive and, as promised, on-time, but my greatest delight was in opening the crate (a work of art in itself) to find exactly what I ordered. The tooling fit on my mill and ran flawlessly.
This may not seem so big of a thing, after all, that’s what roll tooling companies do, isn’t it? Well I am not going to rag on every other vendor, however, I will say this is the first order in a long time I received without one problem.
Shawn, please pass on to all the personnel in your shop that you have a very happy customer, and I am looking forward to our next order.
Thanks again,
Frank Suhy
Detroit Tubing Mill
- - - - -


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