Tube and Pipe Weld Training Seminar Beneficial to both New and Experienced Welders
This letter is to express our appreciation for the weld seminars by Mr. Robert Sladky.
Everyone that attended the seminars left with a positive attitude and with more knowledge of the equipment that they weld on.
The course was very beneficial to all the new welders that have just started up on the mills. Even the experienced welders picked up new information and tips on welding our product. Mr. Sladky was very well versed and knowledgeable in his field. Any questions put forth to him were answered expertly by him.
The course left everyone with a very positive attitude. We know our equipment needs some work on it, and there were many suggestions made that would enhance our product with little change and little expense.
We feel that the course Mr. Sladky puts on is very beneficial. He kept everybody’s interest and attention. Many of the men were already trying some of his suggestions the following Monday after the seminars.
Thank you again for putting on such a great program. We hope we can work with you in the future as we update our equipment.
Tom Morgan
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