Roll-Kraft Hits Important Delivery Date

Roll-Kraft Hits Important Delivery Date
Roll-Kraft accepted these PO’s knowing delivery was critical. Despite numerous changes, initiated by Bull Moose Tube, delivery was made on-time, allowing us to meet objectives.”
Another OUTSTANDING job by Roll-Kraft….excellent service!
David Favero
Corporate Purchasing Manager
Bull Moose Tube Company
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Roll-Kraft Hosts Latest Live Tube and Pipe Training Seminar

Roll-Kraft’s latest tube and pipe mill training seminar was held on October 24, 2023 at the Waverly, Nebraska Venue location.

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Live Tube and Pipe Seminar - October 24th

Mill operators, maintenance supervisors, engineers, tool room personnel and management will all benefit from the program by learning new skills & produce a better quality product in less time.

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Roll-Kraft announces the Semi-retirement of Robert A. Sladky, Vice President of Tube Mill Engineering 

Robert's extensive expertise in the tubing industry spans over five decades, including 33 years of service at Roll-Kraft.

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