Roll-Kraft Works Closely with Customer to Guarantee a Projects Success

Roll-Kraft Works Closely with Customer to Guarantee a Project’s Success
I just wanted to inform you that we completed our initial production trial with the new Roll-Kraft tooling last week. The trial went very well and we are pleased with the design and performance of the new tooling. After the initial setup was made, we were able to produce a truckload of finished product without having to make any tooling adjustments during the entire run. The finished product looked very good with a well interlocked seam.
I would like to thank all of you again for helping to make the tooling design changes vs. our traditional tooling design. Your input on the tooling design was very helpful and demonstrated your technical knowledge and design experience to us. The operators who ran the trial really liked the new design and consider it a significant improvement over the old one. They were all impressed with how well it ran during the production trial.
We all appreciate the contributions Roll-Kraft made in the tooling design as well as your willingness to work closely with us on this project to help guarantee its success. Thanks for all your patience and understanding in working through the several design iterations to get to the final endpoint. I think all of the effort and hard work was well worth it and will build a good base for moving forward on other Minteq tooling design projects.
I appreciate all your help….......
Dave Dudek
Minteq International, Inc.
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