Roll-Kraft Hosts Second Tube and Pipe Mill Training Seminar of 2022

Roll-Kraft’s second regional seminar for 2022, October 4th,  was once again well attended and further supports the continued demand for tube and pipe training of new and old operators, continued process improvement and developing a standard for all to follow. 

Robert Sladky, Vice President of Tube Mill Engineering, organizer and key speaker for the event commented how this group was very attentive, interactive throughout the entire day with numerous questions and positive comments. 

In attendance for October’s event included 15 companies with over 32 attendees. 

Representation of Roll-Kraft’s sales staff from the corporate headquarters in Mentor was once again present to further support the communication between vendor and customer to further enhance those relationships. 


Roll Profits

Roll-Kraft Announces New Equipment Additions to Chicago Roll Company

CRC, in Lombard, Ill., adds four new pieces of equipment to better serve customers

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Roll Profits

Roll-Kraft Tube and Pipe Live Training Seminar on March 28

Roll-Kraft is proud to announce another one-day Tube & Pipe Mill Regional Seminar on March 28.

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Roll-Kraft Adds New Buyer

Roll-Kraft announces the addition of Matthew Hink as a Buyer.

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