Roll Form Embossing Rolls

Embossing Rolls

Embossing is a metal forming process that corrugates a series of straight or parallel ridges onto a metal sheet or strip. Although some embossed patterns are simply decorative, one major benefit is that embossing increases the strength-to-weight ratio of the formed sheet metal.

Roll Form Embossing RollsLighter gauge material can be purchased and then embossed to provide adequate strength requirements. Embossing can be done by either stamping or rolling. The rolling method is faster, as it uses mating pairs of rotary tooling to do the embossing, thus completing the task at a much higher speed. Roll Form Embossing Rolls

The sample Roll-Kraft Embossing Rolls shown on this page were used to produce diaphragm panels for the construction of water towers. These Embossing Rolls produce continuous rows of 24 embossments rolled in on 2 separate stations of 12 each. The upper and lower rolls are keyed and timed, using timing gears, to ensure proper alignment through normal continuous manufacturing runs.

Roll-Kraft Embossing Rolls are segmented and can easily be removed or replaced, if they become worn.

Why Choose Roll-Kraft Embossing Rolls?

Roll Form Embossing Rolls Precision Contours

Roll-Kraft’s experienced and knowledgeable engineering staff uses a custom-designed CAD/CAM system to guarantee product performance.

Full-Service Manufacturing

Roll-Kraft’s ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturing processes and computer-aided design software (directly linked to our CNC equipment) deliver greater accuracy and faster turnaround for all embossing machine tooling.

Roll Form Embossing Rolls Full-Service Reworking

Roll-Kraft’s comprehensive reworking service gives you what no one else does: 24-hour emergency service, detailed inspection reports, and precision manufacturing.

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