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Press Releases

Roll-Kraft Introduces Students to Engineering Careers in the Tube, Pipe and Roll Forming Industries

Roll-Kraft and the Auburn Career Center recently joined forces to meet with students in the Madison, OH. school system to provide a look at the field of engineering.  The event was part of Career Day at the middle school and provided 8th grade students with information on a wide range of career choices and applicable courses available at the nearby Auburn Career Center.

Mr. Gary Summerhill, Engineering Manager for the Roll Form Tooling Department at Roll-Kraft, was a featured speaker.  He presented the students with a brief introduction to various 2D and 3D engineering software, explaining how and where the software was used, and showed some of the products that were produced using engineering drawings.

Career planning is an important part of a student’s life and critical decisions are made during school years.  Industry must always be mindful of the need to continually encourage and educate students in the areas of opportunity available in the field of manufacturing.  Roll-Kraft plays an active part in the community by cultivating relationships and helping educational facilities design training programs to provide fundamental knowledge to students that will benefit industries in the area.  This process works hand-in-hand to provide jobs to graduates and a potential employee, trained in the basics needed by the company.

About Roll-Kraft

Roll-Kraft is a leading provider of tooling and equipment to the tube & pipe and roll forming industry.  With 47 years of experience in the field, the Roll-Kraft name is known worldwide for providing top-of-the-line products and customer service.  The Roll-Kraft website with its innovative instant contact system, Dr. Resolve, provides a direct link to the company and has made concerns about time zones and office hours a thing of the past.

Roll-Kraft has its headquarters in Mentor, OH. and maintains offices in Frankfurt, IL. (Roll-Kraft Northern) and Woodbridge, ON. Canada (Roll-Kraft Ltd.).  



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