Sensational Customer Service
Hi Chuck, 
I just wanted you to know that from a customer standpoint, everyone we have worked with has been sensational. From your receptionist and telephone operator, to Ivan, Shawn, Bret, and Greg.  We lost our plant manager a couple of weeks ago, which gave us a setback.  So, recently, I have had more contact with your people than I have in the past.  I just wanted you to know how great it is to be working with them and with you.  We appreciate all that you do.  Thanks.
Tubetech Inc.
Steve Oliphant
Chief Executive Officer
- - - - -

Great Work on the Canada Regional Seminar
Hello Robert,
Thank you for the feed-back and additional info you just sent.
I said it in person, but I’d like to repeat it in writing that my colleagues and I appreciated a lot the seminar: practical, alert, good explanations, a lot of information ... in short, great work ! By looking at the evaluation summary, I’m glad to see that all the participants feel the same and that everybody enjoyed this activity.
A special thanks for Ovidiu and his team for hosting the event and for the guided tour of the shop.
Best regards,
Mircea Turcu
Directeur ingénierie PTT/HTP Engineering Manager
Spectra Premium Industries Inc.
- - - - -

Roll-Kraft Mill Alignment Extends Tooling Life
Unless there is an unforeseen incident that requires us to take the mill down, we are not looking at doing tooling until 2014.  We have switched coolants and greases and have no trouble disassembling the mill after extended run intervals.  Wear looks good on all of the rollers (mostly thanks to your alignments).
Justin Oakley
Baltimore Aircoil
- - - - -

Excellent Service from Roll-Kraft

Just wanted you to know hump pass is working great and Matt did an awesome job with our operators. Excellent service from Roll-Kraft.

Brian Lester
Plant Manager
Gregory Industries
- - - - -

Still Raving About Roll Forming Training
Hope you are doing well. Roll form training last week was great! Thank you for all your assistance in setting it up.
Chuck and David did a fantastic job of engaging everyone, explaining clearly and in detail and walking them through the hands-on part.
They are still raving about it!
Katie Hager
Operations Training Coordinator
Ductmate Industries, Inc.
- - - - -

Roll-Kraft: Second to None in the Industry
I want you and the entire group at Roll-Kraft to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service your company provided with our two new tooling packages.
Working with you on the two new sections you built for us went much better than I anticipated from past experience with your competitors. The extra time you took to walk my tooling guys through the entire development phase of both jobs with detailed explanation of how each pass should perform and what adjustments should be made to obtain the highest quality of part possible was second to none in my experience in this industry.
The commitment and sense of urgency you displayed to work with us on meeting our deadlines and satisfying our customer orders from tool build through development and final approval was tremendous and greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your service and I look forward to doing business with you for years to come.
Wesley Utt
Plant Manager
- - - - -

Roll-Kraft Provides Huge Payback Without Risk of Mistakes
It had come to me through the grape vine that we were quoting some Roll-Kraft tooling through our Mexico facility. At my previous employer we had used Roll-Kraft exclusively. We never had an issue and never needed to go anywhere else. We had a long standing relationship with Roll-Kraft and you had bailed us out on more than one occasion to keep our mills up and going.
In addition to all new tooling coming from Roll-Kraft, you also did all of our regrinds and repair work. We did the polishing in house. The tooling always came back on time and in perfect shape. On a few of the newer parts we had tried designs unsure if they would give us the expected result. Roll-Kraft was always willing to work with us on these R&D type projects and was always very fair.
If anyone has any questions about Roll-Kraft and the service/quality they provide and would like to hear about them from a previous customer, please let me know. They may have not been the lowest cost, but the service they provided for us was a huge payback with no risk of mistakes.
Scott Baker
Technical Sales Engineer
- - - - -

Lightning Fast Response Time
We received the soft roll yesterday. We're back up and running. Please express my gratitude to all involved. It is refreshing to see a company that still has the capability and desire to support industry with lightning-fast response time.
I will respond within the next few days with all of the information necessary to quote a new set of rolls.
Thanks again,
Stephen Fitchett
Manufacturing Manager
Broan Nutone Storage Systems
- - - - -

Roll-Kraft Hits Important Delivery Date
Roll-Kraft accepted these PO’s knowing delivery was critical. Despite numerous changes, initiated by Bull Moose Tube, delivery was made on-time, allowing us to meet objectives.”
Another OUTSTANDING job by Roll-Kraft….excellent service!
David Favero
Corporate Purchasing Manager
Bull Moose Tube Company
- - - - -

Outstanding Roll Forming Operator and Gearbox Training
I just wanted to say that the operator training and the gearbox training went very well. Frank and Matt were outstanding and did a superb job planning and laying out the training sessions. Our crew came out of the training with a far better understanding of the operation and setup of the roll formers and the know how to properly diagnose/rebuild the gearboxes.
Thank you for the time and effort that was put into this training. We greatly appreciate it.
- - - - -

Tooling Ran Flawlessly and Looking Forward to Our Next Order
I just want to take a minute to express my delight on receiving our new 1.250 breakdown rolls.
Not only was price and delivery competitive and, as promised, on-time, but my greatest delight was in opening the crate (a work of art in itself) to find exactly what I ordered. The tooling fit on my mill and ran flawlessly.
This may not seem so big of a thing, after all, that’s what roll tooling companies do, isn’t it? Well I am not going to rag on every other vendor, however, I will say this is the first order in a long time I received without one problem.
Shawn, please pass on to all the personnel in your shop that you have a very happy customer, and I am looking forward to our next order.
Thanks again,
Frank Suhy
Detroit Tubing Mill
- - - - -

Tooling Design for New Product Line a Success
After struggling to productively process a new product line, we contacted Roll-Kraft with a tooling design concept. Within a few weeks, the tooling was designed, manufactured and installed. We have since experienced a substantial increase in line speed and greatly reduced down time. A huge “THANK YOU” to the entire team at Roll-Kraft for their support in helping us make this new product line a success!
Don Scott
Alloy Cored Wire Division
P. C. Campana, Inc.
- - - - -

Roll-Kraft Provides a Ton of Knowledge

Thanks for the timely response. I am grateful for the time and effort Roll-Kraft puts into their roll forming technical tips and blogs. What a ton of knowledge. Well done! Thanks again!
Carla Kimberlin
Continuous Improvement Coordinator
Omco-Midwest Rollforming
- - - - -

Roll-Kraft Works Closely with Customer to Guarantee a Project’s Success
I just wanted to inform you that we completed our initial production trial with the new Roll-Kraft tooling last week. The trial went very well and we are pleased with the design and performance of the new tooling. After the initial setup was made, we were able to produce a truckload of finished product without having to make any tooling adjustments during the entire run. The finished product looked very good with a well interlocked seam.
I would like to thank all of you again for helping to make the tooling design changes vs. our traditional tooling design. Your input on the tooling design was very helpful and demonstrated your technical knowledge and design experience to us. The operators who ran the trial really liked the new design and consider it a significant improvement over the old one. They were all impressed with how well it ran during the production trial.
We all appreciate the contributions Roll-Kraft made in the tooling design as well as your willingness to work closely with us on this project to help guarantee its success. Thanks for all your patience and understanding in working through the several design iterations to get to the final endpoint. I think all of the effort and hard work was well worth it and will build a good base for moving forward on other Minteq tooling design projects.
I appreciate all your help….......
Dave Dudek
Minteq International, Inc.
- - - - -

Supplier Who Did What They Said They Would Do
It was really great to work with a supplier who has good dialogue and did what they said they would do. Very refreshing in this day and age.
Stu Schwartz
Plant Manager- Canaan Plant
Minteq International, Inc.
- - - - -

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